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What is IPS?

Indoor Positioning System is a modern platform which simplifies both navigation inside buildings and geomarketing. Thanks to IPS, a precise, interactive map of your facility and intelligent, personalized promotions will reach your Clients through the PointFinder app. See how our system works.

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See how our system works

Using IPS, you can:

Generate raports

Show the tenants the traffic in respective places, days and hours

Analyze Client’s behaviors

Find out more about your Clients and fit your offers better

Analyze the effects of your operations

Find out how many Clients are looking at the storefront, enters the store, makes actual purchases and uses discounts

Have a constant contact with a Client

You can inform the Clients about your discounts, contests and services online


IPS is a global platform with interactive plans of all the facilities.

Your Client does not have to install separate apps, thanks to PointFinder he has all the places of interest at hand.

Navigating towards the promotion

Being accustomed to convenience of car GPS, we have decided to make the same capabilities available inside buildings. Thanks to IPS geomarketing has become effective. Now you can communicate with your Clients suggesting discounts and promotions according to their interests and the place they currently are in.

Contact with the Client

We know that you have to care about Client relations all the time. That’s why we have created a system thanks to which you can be in constant contact with them. You can also immediately analyze the decisions you undertake.

Knowledge about the Client

Thanks to IPS you can recognize your Client’s behaviors. Where do they stop most frequently? What are their paths? Collect precise data to optimize your marketing decisions and make your facility more attractive to the clients and tenants.

Advantage over the competition

Information is power. IPS is the best tool for geomarketing that offers its Clients analyses and reports which allow for business development and gaining advantage over the competition.

The platform includes a complete set of the most important facilities such as:





Science Centers

Art Galleries


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